FRESH JUICE 16 oz. 7 24 oz. 9

  • The Well Being

    kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon

  • The Wake Up Call

    carrot, apple, lemon

  • The Liver Lover

    beet, carrot, apple, lemon

  • The Mood Lifter

    grapefruit, orange, ginger

  • The Cold Buster

    grapefruit, apple, lemon, ginger

  • The Food for Thought

    beet, spinach, carrot, apple

  • The Miracle Worker

    kale, spinach, beet, apple

  • The Dr. Piña

    pineapple, apple, mint, coconut water

  • The Celery Fix

    celery, ginger, lemo


  • The Hot Shot 3

    ginger, lemon, cayenne

  • The Ginger Baby 3

    ginger, grapefruit, lemon, local honey

  • The Flu Shot 3

    garlic, ginger, lemon, cayenne, local honey

  • Wheatgrass Shot 3.5

    fresh, organic wheatgrass

boost your juice or smoothie!

  • acai • bee pollen • chia • gojiflax • maca • cacao • spirulina • moringa hemp protein


    • whey protein


    pea protein


    • almond butter


Antioxidant-packed Brazilian supertreat with açaí, pitaya, banana, coconut milk

  • The Endless Summer Bowl 11

    melon, pineapple, dragon fruit, strawberries, coconut shavings, chia seeds and local honey (GF)

  • The Almond Butter Energy Bowl 11

    banana, granola, cacao nibs, almond butter, bee pollen, local honey (GF)

  • The Brain Booster Bowl 11

    strawberries, blueberries, flax seed, coconut shavings and toasted almonds (GF) (V)


  • Not Your Average Joe 10

    maple roasted sweet potatoes, applewood smoked bacon, farm fresh egg, cheddar cheese and avocado (GF)

  • Buddha Bowl 10

    quinoa, farm fresh egg, portabello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, scallions and UJ dressing (GF)

  • Sunrise Sandwich 7

    applewood smoked bacon, farm fresh egg and cheddar cheese on an English muffin

    + substitute gluten free English muffin + 1
    + add fresh avocado + 2


  • Perfectly Pesto 11

    pesto, diced tomatoes, fresh bell pepper, onions and feta cheese all on a cauliflower crust

    + add chicken breast +3

  • Sweet N' Savory 12

    our cauliflower crust topped with habanero peach jam, dates, goat cheese, prosciutto and arugula with a balsamic glaze

  • Mission "Impossible" 12

    housemade marinara, "Impossible" burger (plant based ground burger), yellow peppers, red onion and mozzarella cheese on a cauliflower crust

  • The Margherita 11

    our cauliflower crust topped with housemade marinara, basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

    + add chicken breast +3

12 oz. 6 16 oz. 8 32 oz. 12
ask about today’s selection of delicious soups

SMOOTHIES 16 oz. 7 24 oz. 9

  • The Strawbana

    strawberries, banana, coconut milk, raw agave

  • The Supergreens

    kale, spinach, banana, coconut water

  • The Paradise Found

    mango, pineapple, coconut milk, coconut water

  • The Liquid Lunch

    banana, peanut butter, almond milk

  • The Bee Green

    kale spinach, pineapple, mango, local honey,bee pollen, coconut water, orange juice

  • The Raspberry Buzz

    banana, raw cacao nibs, cacao powder, bee pollen, local honey, coconut milk, raspberries, spinach

  • The Well Being

    cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple, spinach, kale, pineapple, mango

  • Peace, Love + Avocado

    avocado, almond milk, cashew, banana, mangoSHOTSThe Hot Shot 3

the skinny line 16 oz. 5 24 oz.7
Weight Watchers friendly (5 points / 7 points)

  • The Skinny Shake

    almond milk, cacao powder, strawberries, mango, almond butter, moringa

THE PROTEIN LINE 16 oz. 9 24 oz. 11
Meal replacement smoothies with 30+g. of Protein

  • The Dreamsicle

    mango, pineapple, vanilla whey, coconut milk, orange juice, moringa

  • The Java Jolt

    banana, ground coffee beans, cashews, vanilla whey, coconut milk

  • The Green Machine

    spinach, banana, cashews, dates, whey, almond milk

served on local Frothy monkey multigrain sourdough

  • Avocado Toast 9

    fresh whole avocado and alfalfa crunchies (V)

    + add a farm fresh egg +1.5

  • Almond Butter Toast 8

    almond butter, bananas, honey, chia and cacao nibs


  • Chopped Keto Kale 11

    fresh chopped kale, toasted almonds, roasted brussels sprouts, applewood smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese in our red wine vinaigrette (GF)

  • Curry Chicken Bowl 12

    fresh greens, curry chicken, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, red onion, sprouts and UJ dressing (GF)

    + substitute curry chickpeaSuper

  • Chicken Bowl 12

    fresh greens, moringa super chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, beet, sprouts, UJ turmeric date dressing (GF)

  • Asian Bowl 11

    fresh greens, zucchini noodles tossed with toasted tofu, red peppers, carrots, beets and scallions in a sesame peanut dressing (GF) (V)

  • Mediterranean Tuna Bowl 12

    fresh greens, white Albacore tuna, red onion, roasted red peppers, green olives, cucumbers, sprouts and UJ red wine vinaigrette (GF)

  • Marinara Zoodles 8

    housemade marinara, zucchini noodles, fresh basil and parmesan cheese (GF) Pesto Zoodles 8 pesto, zucchini noodles, fresh cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese (GF)

fresh wraps served with a side of quinoa salad

  • Curry Chicken Wrap 10

    fresh greens, carrots and curry chicken

    + substitute curry chickpea

  • Super Chicken Wrap 10

    fresh greens, tomatoes, swiss cheese and super chicken

  • Roasted Veggie Wrap 10

    portabello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, spinach, zucchini, feta cheese and sun dried tomato hummus

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