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Three Day Cleanse
Three Day Cleanse

3 Day Cleanse


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Our invigorating cleanse is just that; it is intended to re-energize  and refocus your body so that you can be up and running in top physical and mental shape! Each day you will drink five juices, one nut milk and one energizing booster. Available for pickup at any of our locations.

Q: When should I do a cleanse?

A: Plan a few days ahead to get the best results. Days before your cleanse, try and start easing your body into the cleanse routine. Try and eliminate caffeine, meat, processed foods, sugars, and alcohol. Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you can. This will help you adjust to the type of nutrients you are feeding your body when you’re cleansing. Maybe get your spouse or a buddy to cleanse with you! Encouragement is helpful!

Cleanse routines that people have found helpful:

One day a week

Three days a month, every month

2-3 10-day cleanses a year

Q: Can I customize my cleanse?

A: At this moment, we are unable to customize our recipes. We cold press in large batches of 30-40 juices at once. If you’d like a custom juice, we can arrange for you to have custom juices made from the centrifugal juicers from one of our juicerges.

Q: Can I substitute a juice for another juice?

A: Sure! All juices are interchangeable, we just want to give you a variety while you’re on your cleanse. The only exception is The Chocolate Kiss. Supplies are limited and unfortunately we cannot substitute the nut milks at this moment.

Q: Can I eat or drink anything else during my cleanse?

A: Hunger pains are normal! However, if possible, stick to your cleanse. When your body is digesting solids, it uses energy and the cleansing process is slowed down. If you need to cheat, snack on some organic fruits or vegetables: bananas, apples, celery, cucumber, avocados, or soaked almonds.

Q: Do I need to drink all my juices each day?

A: Everyone is different. You may be surprised on how filling your juices can be on your first or second day. By the third day you may have more of an appetite, but if you have some juice left over, feel free to cleanse another day or supplement your regular diet with the extra juice!

Q: I’m pregnant can I still cleanse?

A: It’s not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to cleanse.  

Q: Will this help me lose weight?

A: You may experience some weight-loss while you’re on your cleanse, however, you may gain it back when you are back to eating solid food. We don’t advise using a cleanse as a method of weight-loss.

Q: Can I exercise while I’m cleansing?

A: Yes! If you exercise regularly and want to maintain your routine, stick to a lighter workout. Think of a cleanse as a workout regiment alone. Your body is working hard, despite you taking it easy physically. If you don’t typically exercise, try a light jog, or go for a walk.

Whether you exercise regularly or not, try and take 20 minutes a day and lay flat on your back.

Q: Can I still take my vitamins while cleansing?

A: Supplements are a little tough for your body to digest. If you need to take them, make sure they are food based. Your bottle of vitamins should state “whole food multivitamin” or “ingredients derived from whole foods”. Brands of whole food vitamins include Garden of Life, MegaFood, New Chapter, and Rainbow Light.

Q: I’m super tired! What can I do? 

A: If you’re really needing an extra boost, try Mate (Yerba Mate) or green tea. Don’t add any sugar or sweeteners. But remember, stimulants are very taxing on your liver!

Q: How many calories are in each juice?

A: To get a specific number, you can consult our website, Our juices each range from 150-215 calories per bottle.

Q: Do cleanses count towards my rewards points?

A: Cleanse purchases do not add points to your rewards account.

Q: Do you guys deliver?

A: Not at the moment! Our team is working hard to get you your juice in the easiest, fastest and freshest way possible! Our cleanses are available for pick-up at all of our storefront locations.

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