Summer barbecues just wouldn’t be the same without biting into a cool, juicy slice of perfectly ripe watermelon! It’s often assumed that this deliciously pink melon is “all water”, but it actually contains some surprisingly beneficial nutrients that will make taking a bite seem even sweeter!

Let’s take a look at 5 of the health benefits that your favorite summer melon provides:

  1. Wet Your Whistle: Let’s start with the obvious: watermelon is hydrating! Being 92% water, this delicious melon is a tasty way to stay hydrated. In the summer, it’s especially important to take in enough fluids, so why not make it a little more enjoyable?!
  2. Gives your Skin that Summer Glow: Watermelon contains Vitamin A, which enhances the growth of body tissue. This helps to plump your skin, giving it a healthy, moisturized look and feel.
  3. Helps Heart Health: “Lycopene” is more than just what gives watermelon it’s perfectly pink color. This fat-soluble pigment also helps improve cardiac function. Further, the Vitamin C and Potassium in watermelon help fight against cholesterol.
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure: While committing to a healthy diet and regular exercise are the best way to lower blood pressure, the magnesium and potassium content in watermelon certainly doesn’t hurt! Regular indulgence can help keep up with your daily value of the these vitamins.
  5. Relieves Muscle Soreness: Studies have shown that the citrulline in watermelon has the ability to improve recovery time after muscular stress. For example, you may recover from a workout more quickly if you enjoy a slice of watermelon after your exercise. Leg day just got a little easier!

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BONUS: Try out these 3-step recipes for fun, sweet and salty ways to try watermelon in new ways. Each of these would make perfect summer appetizers, and are guaranteed to take less than five minutes each!

Watermelon Caprese

  1. Slice watermelon into 1/2” thick squares, about 3”-x- 3”. Slice mozzarella into 1/2” slices.
  2. On a serving dish, alternate slices of mozzarella and watermelon. Sprinkle with basil, flaky sea salt and pepper.
  3. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic glaze and serve.

Prosciutto-wrapped Watermelon

  1. Slice watermelon into stick-like slices.
  2. Wrap with slices of prosciutto.
  3. Enjoy. Simple as that!

Do you use watermelon in any creative ways? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment or message us on any of our social media channels.

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